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Payment Information


New Student Registration Fee                $50 per Child        (Non-refundable)

Returning Student Registration Fee        $25 per Child       (Non-refundable)

Bi-annual Materials Fee (FT Students)    $25 per Semester  (Non-refundable)

Bi-Annual Materials Fee (PT Students)    $20 per Semester  (Non-refundable)

Activity Fee (Field Trips)                                   TBA

After School Care Tuition:  Elementary

Full-Time Tuition (4-5 days per week)     $85 per Week   ($75 Siblings)

Part-Time Tuition (3 days per week)       $70 per Week

Drop-in                                                         $30 per Day                                              

After School Care Tuition:  Middle School

Full-Time (4-5 days per week)                  $75 per week

Part-Time (3 days per week)                    $60 per week

Drop-in                                                        $30 per day

Full-Day Care Tuition:

Current Enrollees (FT & PT)                     $20 added to the daily rate.  (Plus field trip cost, if applicable.)

Drop-In                                                       $45 per day (Plus field trip cost, if applicable.)

Early Dismissal Fee:

Current Enrollees (FT & PT)                    $5 added to the daily rate for those that attend.

Drop-in                                                      $5 added to the daily rate for those that attend.

* A $10 off sibling discount applies to Full-Time students only.

* Late pick-up fee is $1 per minute after 6 pm closing.  Minimum late charge is $5.  Please notify us if you will be late.

* Tuition is NOT prorated for absences or shortened weeks due to inclement weather unless the program closes.

Payment Due Date

Payment is due on Monday for the current childcare week. We currently accept checks, money orders, or online payments. If tuition is not received by 6:00 Wednesday, a late payment fee in the amount of 10% of the unpaid balance will be added to accounts that have not been paid in full. 

Note:  Drop-ins must pay by 6pm on Friday of the current week to avoid a late charge.

Outstanding Accounts

Payment is due on Monday and is considered late if paid after Wednesday. Payment is late after Friday for Drop-ins. If an account remains unpaid for two weeks, the child will not be permitted to return on Monday of the following week. 

Returned Check Policy

All returned checks will receive a $30 NSF fee (includes bank fee). After a second returned check, we will only accept cash, money order or an online payment.  In both instances, repayment plus all fees must be paid within 5 business days of notification or the student will not be allowed to return until the account is current.


Families with children enrolled Full-Time are permitted 5 days per school year without a tuition charge for students that begin in August. Students that begin after the start of the school year and before January 2 will be eligible for 3 days per school year.  Students that begin January 2nd through February 28th/29th are eligible for 2 days.  To qualify for this discount, the child must be enrolled for at least 30 days before vacation/sick time is used.  Students that begin March 1st or later are not eligible for any vacation/sick time.    If any additional vacation/sick time is taken, the full tuition amount will be applied.  Part-Time students are not granted any vacation time.   Notify our Bookkeeper when you want to use your vacation time.  Unused time does not carry over to the next year nor is it refunded.


A two week notice is required prior to withdrawal.  Failure to provide the notice will result in payment for two weeks tuition being charged.  Available vacation time cannot be substituted for payment due when a two week notice is not given.


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Sunday Senior Adult Study- 9:30am
Sunday Worship - 10:30am
Wednesday Night - 7:00pm

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