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Celebration Church is a blend of many different generations, cultures, countries, and walks of life sharing one common theme: Worshipping God. Worship summarizes all that we do as we live for God, but on Sundays we express our worship to God together through music, prayer, reflection, giving, and by learning Biblical principles that help us grow in our faith and become stronger followers of Jesus.

We believe in celebrating Jesus, life and you!

Whether you are a spiritual seeker who’s just starting to ask questions about God or a committed Christian who wants to deepen the roots of your faith even deeper, you can find a home at Celebration Church.


Celebration Church is pleased to offer a number of ministries for adults attending our fellowship. We believe that fellowship and relationship building are the “building blocks” to a healthy life and church family. Whether you are a woman, man, young adult, or senior adult who is married or single, there is a placed for you to get connected.

Women’s Ministry

Celebration Women’s Ministry is dedicated to loving, nurturing, and encouraging women of all ages, backgrounds, and seasons of life. We desire to help women reach up with desire to know God, reach out with compassion to the world, and reach in with love to our local church family. Through our ministry, we encourage and equip women to develop loving relationships, serve others with their God-given gifts, and realize their dreams, desires, and destiny. Together…we reach up, reach out, and reach in.

We understand the need for women to connect with other women, and we provide several opportunities throughout the year to do so. Some of our events include a New Year’s Luncheon and Tea, dinner at a local restaurants, paint nights, conferences or retreats, and Bible studies. And…much, much, more! Join us as we reach up, reach out, and reach in!

Men’s Ministry

As a man, have you felt the need to be a better husband, father, or son? Have you ever thought about what legacy you are building and will leave on earth some day? Do you want more out of life? If so, YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

We invite you to be a part of our Men’s Ministry where we will address these relevant life issues. Here you can find direction for your life, inspiration, encouragement, and support. We are a simply a group of ordinary men who are striving to reach extraordinary potential. We do life together through conferences, outdoor adventures, and we explore God’s Word together in a relaxed environment and discuss issues that are unique and important to us as men. Come be a part of a group of guys that are excited about what God is doing in our lives and our families.

PrimeTimers Senior Adult Ministry

PrimeTimers is an exciting Senior Adult Ministry for those who are age 60 and older. As the name alludes, PrimeTimers are in the “prime” of their lives. This ministry strives to help seniors develop lasting friendships, strengthen their faith, share their talents and abilities, and continue to live an active and vibrant life. Our Senior Adult Ministry provides many opportunities for fellowship and spiritual growth by offering a Sunday morning LIFE group, a monthly luncheon, and weekday Bible study for women.

Our PrimeTimers are also active in ministry with opportunities to serve in a large number of areas both inside and outside of our church.

Kids Ministry

At Celebration, children are a focal point of our church family. Our mission is to minister to the spiritual, emotional, and physical needs of the children in our community. Our goal is to guide each child, along with his or her family, into a loving and lifelong relationship with Jesus Christ.

We provide loving ministry to children of all ages including:

  • Nursery (8 weeks – 23 months)
  • Pre-School (3 years – Age 5 )
  • Elementary (Kindergarten – Grade 5)

Our Ministry Team

Adults and teens with a true commitment to teach and mentor children comprise our team. All ministry volunteers are under the direct supervision and discipleship of our Children’s Pastor. Children’s Ministry adult volunteers are required to undergo a background check and complete our church’s Discovery Class before being considered for a ministry position.


Our children’s ministry provides an exciting, safe, interactive, and energy-charged atmosphere of worship, activities, a relevant Bible lesson, hands-on group activities, and outrageously zany games. Time is given each week to pray for the spiritual needs and prayer requests given by the children.


Our Children’s Ministry is a very active ministry providing group activities several times a year. A few of our major annual activities include:

  • Community Easter Egg Hunt
  • Boys Bash Camporee & Girls Jamboree
  • Out-of-School & Back-to-School Parties
  • Mission Olympic Games
  • Special trips to Amusement Venues

Commitment to Excellence

The Celebration Children’s Ministry is committed to excellence for the spiritual, emotional, and physical development of our children. As a TEAM, we are continually exploring new avenues and searching for cutting edge ideas to enhance our ministry. As we continue to grow in number and spirit, our church strives to provide your child with what they deserve and you expect…the very best God has for them!
Join us, your family will be glad you did!


Celebration Youth: Student Ministries for Grades 6 -12

At Celebration, students will be exposed to and experience God’s incredible love for them in a way that is real, relevant, and relational. Our ministry TEAM is committed to making every student’s church experience a great one! Celebration Student Ministries is a place where youth not only connect with God but also a place where they can relax, have fun, and build relationships. Our goal is to create a worship experience where youth are eager and excited about attending church.

Our Celebration Student Ministry exists to develop a gospel-advancing ministry built on the foundation of Jesus Christ. Our ministry verse is Romans 1:16, “For I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes: first to the Jew, then to the Gentile.”

We believe every Christian, is gifted and called to serve God in a unique way. Therefore, we equip to students to minister to others using their God-given talents and abilities. Our students desire to IMPACT their schools, friends, family, church and their community!

Worship & Arts

Psalm 22:3 says, “God is enthroned in the praises of His people.” Our heart’s desire is to usher people into the presence of God through pure, passionate praise and worship. Once there is an encounter with God’s presence, we are no longer the same. His presence is what we long for every time we gather for worship. We sing a variety of styles of music with the sole purpose of lifting up praise to our King. He is why we sing…live…and have meaning in life. We are blessed with many talented people, however, we are always seeking to develop and involve new people and passionate worshippers.  The Worship and Arts TEAM at Celebration Church is comprised of vocalists, musicians, dancers, media and sound technicians. We minister weekly at Celebration, and for special services inside and outside the walls of our church.

Worship Times

Sunday Senior Adult Study- 9:30am
Sunday Worship - 10:30am
Wednesday Night - 6:30pm

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